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The New Iranian Base in Syria link to Syria Ballistic Missile & Chemical Weapons Programs


The “Fox News” network exposed a new Iranian base which is likely destined to threaten Israel with long range Ballistic Missile. The network relies on western intelligence sources and on satellite imagery provided by the Israeli Imajust company.

IntelliTimes Research Reveals that the new base (C) that exposed by “Fox News” is located next to the familiar SSRC complex in Jamaria, which contains a few institutes (1000/ 3000) that are working on developing missiles ang chemical warheads.

The SSRC complex in Jamaria was was already target (A+B)  to air strikes in December 2017 and in january 2018 that were “Targeting” missile storages in the complex. The complex is also known for hosting Iran Special Units thats are working to deliver Advanced Missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The new Iranian Base were construction begain in eraly 2016 in an area belonging to the “Syrian Special Forces HQ” – A joint force from the Syrian army and the SSRC that is responsible for the “Syria chemical weapons program” and the ability to use chemical warheads on improved Scud missiles. As Fox reports, the base will use to deployment of long range missiles that threaten Israel.

This is not the first time that new Iranian bases in Syria are exposed by using satellite imagery in foreign media. in most of the cases, its took some weeks before they were target and destroy.

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