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The IDF’s 8200 israeli intelligence unit thwarted a terror plot to bomb a plane over Australia


The IDF’s 8200 israeli intelligence unit thwarted a terror plot to bomb a plane over Australia, in a plane belonging to “Etihad Airways”. According to the press, the unit collected exclusive information which was then delivered to the Australian authorities, and allowed the Australians to thwart the attack and arrest the members of the cell, who were nearly ready to carry out the attack.

The team that uncovered the story was lead by a young 8200 officer, a major who identified the preparations of the ISIS cell for this plot attack.

Etihad Airways is the second largest airline in the UAE. It operates from the Abu Dhabi international airport and runs trans-Atlantic flights with a fleet of Boeing and Airbus airplanes. Among the rest, the company runs a Sydney- Abu Dhabi route. The company owns shares in the Australian “Virgin” company.

The story was first exposed in July 17′ when the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, announced that Australian security forces thwarted a plan to blow up a civilian airline, following intelligence information about brothers Khaled and Mahmud Khiat (photographed) who were involved in planning the attack, which was to be carried out using an IED that was smuggled from Syria to Turkey and then flown by plane to Australia.

at that time The Lebanese government claimed They helped The Australian in thwarting the attack.

They claimed that the Lebanese intelligence services followed the suspects for about a year, and that one of the suspects was arrested in Lebanon following the discovery that his brother was a high ranking member of ISIS in Raqqa, which then served as the “Islamic State” capital.

In October 2017, Malcolm Turnbull visited Israel and during his reception, he gave the following statement to BIbi Netanyahu: “As you already know and as we’ve said many times before, we are all united in fighting against Islamic terror. It threatens Israel, It threatens Australia, it threatens anyone who appreciates and endears freedom. Now, the connection between the thwarting of the attack and the intelligence gathering abilities of 8200 was exposed, and serves as an example for its key role in thwarting hundreds of ISIS attempts to attack western targets, as Netanyahu often states in international forums.

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