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Iranian bases in Syria are exposed in a series of satellite images


In the past few months, many have spoken of Iran’s consolidation in Syria.

The first to point out the matter were Syrian opposition sources that exposed the missile factories that Iran is constructing with the help of the Syrian Scientific Research Center (SSRC). The factories were bombed two months later and the subject began to gain exposure, as the climax was the shooting-down of the Iranian drone above the Golan. Following the attack, Israel attacked many targets in Syria, including Iranian facilities.

This week, a Syrian opposition site by the name “Zman Al wasl”, which was the first to point out the missile factories, exposed the new documentation of the entire Iranian presence in Syria, as its sources claim.

The site  uploaded a few satellite images that show the locations of the drone squadrons in the Syrian airports, the bases used by the Iranian supply squadrons, buildings used as headquarters of the IRGC and the Iranian intelligence, Iranian intelligence centers including one that is aimed at the Golan, and more.

These photographs add to the satellite imagery of the base meant for the Shi’ite militias in “Al Kiswah” which was exposed by the Arabic branch of the BBC, a moment before it was attacked and a moment after the Russians, the Iranians and the Syrians were warned that Israel will not allow Iranian consolidation is Syria.

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